Selling through us

Initial valuation

Cypria Auctions will be pleased to provide you with a preliminary auction estimate for your fine art or art objects subject to them being suitable for inclusion in one of our auctions.

To obtain an initial valuation please contact us by emailing us with details and images of your items.

Please note

  • Estimates provided before any first hand inspection are provisional and subject to revision once examined by one of our specialists
  • If we feel that any of your items fail to fulfil the criteria needed to be included in one of our auctions we will advise you so but we will not be providing you with an estimated value


Once you have contacted us for an initial valuation and we find your item suitable to be included in our auction we may need to examine it in person.

If you reside in Cyprus, Greece (Athens area) it may be possible to arrange for one of our specialists to examine your items in person at either your premises or at our premises. (The alternative of course would be to make shipping arrangements to ship your items to us, at your own expense. If you do plan to do so please contact us before making any shipping arrangements)

Once our specialist has examined your item and you are happy with their final valuation, the seller’s agreement will then need to be completed in order to submit your item to auction.

If you are based in Greece (Athens area) and your item has been accepted to be included in our auction we will in some cases be able to arrange the shipping to our auction venue in Cyprus free of charge to you.

Seller commissions and charges

Our standard seller’s commission rate for items sold  is 10% plus VAT on the hammer price.

VAT (Value Added Tax) currently at 19% is only applicable on the seller’s premium but not on the hammer price

After the auction

Sold items

After the auction, you will receive notification from Cypria Auctions detailing the price achieved for your item or items.

Unsold items

In the event that an item remains unsold it will then be automatically offered in our “after-sale” for a period of 30 days after the auction. If you decide that you do not wish for your item to be offered in our “after-sale” we politely request that you let us know so in advance. Your item will be offered to interested buyers at its reserve price. If an offer is made which is below the item’s reserve price we will advise you and it will then be up to you to accept or not accept such an offer.


Results will be uploaded to our website within a few days after the sale.
Alternatively you can contact our Nicosia office by telephone or by email to be advised of results.


Provided payment has been received by the buyer, settlement of the net amount due to you (the hammer price less the sellers commission and any other charges) will take place 30 days after the auction.

For more information about selling through Cypria Auctions please see our terms & conditions