Greek, 1943

Stathis Vatanidis was born in Athens in 1943.

He studied at the League Art of New York, in New York.

Vatanidis is an artist whose work conveys an atmosphere of tranquility; a quality that has been so prevalent in the painting of past centuries.

An amazingly prolific painter, Stathis Vatanidis derives inspiration from his dreams, and glimpses of everyday life, mingled with a rich store of childhood memories. “Standing in the early morning sunlight beside my father’s shop; the layers of flaking blue paint on the door – or were they on a boat… or perhaps on the doors in a village? In the dark waters of my memory I see scenes of men fishing; people walking along the streets, crossing the roads, falling off bicycles, people weighed down by anxieties. Closer to the surface are children playing on beaches, sunbathers, swimmers and tenderly embracing couples.

He communicates a sense of warmth alongside a poetic atmosphere. His work has exceptionally strong visual appeal, expressed through warm colours. His compositions like that of The Mirror are carefully balanced and executed with great painting skills.

The art critic Haris Kampourides comments on Vatanides work:
‘There is little doubt that Vatanidis knows exactly how to charm the viewer, by rendering his figures with a fluid plasticity, and communicating strong narrative themes…
One cannot immediately say whether the journey of understanding, has its departure point the colour, the execution, or the theme. I have taken that journey many times’.