Italian, 1939-2018
Paul Pennisi art

The works of Paul Pennisi glow on wood. They have been described as icons for the modern era. They are indeed contemporary icons, both deeply rooted in Byzantine tradition, yet also reflecting Pennisi’s own spiritual and life experience, most notably his sojourns in the monastery at Mount Athos.

Paul Pennisi often produces his own pigments, using natural materials such as pamis, rosso antico or ochre which he mixes with oil and egg in the Byzantine tradition. His pictures are characterised by highly architectural qualities, strict geometric forms which resonate with colour ‘firmly held within the boundaries’ of an incisive and steely line.

His paintings have a certain classical timelessness derived from the harmony between the subject matter, media and technique and between the artist and his art.

Paul Pennisi lived and worked in Greece and Italy.
His icons are part of famous private and public collections around the world.