Canadian, 1961
Mychael barratt - How pleasant to know you Mr Lear

The painter and printmaker Mychael Barratt was born in Toronto, Canada. In London he became a full-time printmaker and almost immediately took up commissions for Liberty on Regent Street.

Known for his superbly executed witty etchings, this Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers, who is also a commissioned artist for Shakespear’s Globe Theatre, also creates paintings for specific exhibitions. He is a storyteller in the long tradition of narrative artists, that include the two that he finds especially inspirational: Chagall and Hogarth.

Anita Klein, the Society’s President, describes Barratt’s paintings as “Gentle and lyrical. His etchings display a rare technical competence. So accomplished is Mychael as a printmaker, that he uses complicated techniques with a lightness of touch that completely disguises any complexity, and looks both fresh and spontaneous.”

His art has a unique character, emerging from the creative blend of Victorian Symbolism and Modernism. He searches his themes in Macbeth and The Tempest, Goya and De Chirico, Klimt and Manet, fairy tales and sagas, medieval festivals and Shakespearean dramas, as well as in famous paintings of the Great Masters and the 1960’s pop culture. Romanticism meets a sharp, sometimes sarcastic, humour and creates an enchanting magic that is so rare in contemporary art.

Mychael’s work is currently exhibited in over 30 galleries throughout the UK.