POLEMIS Brigitte

Brigitte Polemis Art

Brigitte Polemis was born in Damascus, Syria, but she grew up in Greece and Cyprus.

She moved to New York to pursue her career as a fashion designer but her strong love for the Fine Arts took her to London, where she embarked in the study of painting and the development of a more independent creative perspective.

Brigitte Polemis’ work deals with emotions and with the expression of the rawness and urgency behind the colours. This immediacy in the expression of feelings is reliant on the method and coupled by the fact that when she starts a work, she doesn’t stop until she feels it is completed.

Her painting retains the curves of sculpture, which link them to a sense of femininity: it seems to make a statement about the female nature, her everyday moods and feelings.
There is also a strong connection with the creative elements of “mother nature”- a connection that brings about the sense of both presence and absence, as well as the suggestion of another world, dream-like and untouchable.