DEMETRIOU Aristotelis

Cypriot, 1962
Aristotelis Demetriou Artwork

“Thank heavens the Cyprus landscape is in good hands. A painter’s hands” says
Glyn Hughes, the well-known painter, writer and art critic.

Aristotelis Demetriou was born in Paphos, Cyprus in 1962. At the age of 20 he entered the Athens School of Fine Arts, to study painting. There he developed his creative talent under the expert tuition of two famous Greek painters, Tetsis and Mytaras.

He chose to concentrate on working in the highly traditional field of landscapes. But like others before him, such as Cezanne, he has something entirely fresh and new to bring to the genre. Revisiting Cubism, he incorporates bold expressionistic strokes of brush and palette knife to celebrate the Cyprian land, its hills and villages while beyond it all is the Mediterranean Sea.

With decisive strokes he builds his compositions, structuring them out of the earth and rocks, with fleeting bright seasonal colours that become eternal reminiscent of special moments in time.

Aristotelis has participated in 20 group exhibitions in both Greece and Cyprus, and his eighth solo show is at Gallery K in London – his first in the UK.

A master of the contemporary Cyprus landscape, Aristotelis combines the contemporary with the timeless.
He applies paint with sweeping expressionistic strokes, which express the spontaneity of his approach. He structures and shapes the landscape as if considering the contours and volume of the human form. His canvasses absorb the vivid landscape of Cyprus, suffused with glorious yellows, golds and greens, splashed with vermillion poppies, purple thyme, scarlet rooftops and azure sea. “I never work indoors; I must get out exploring the contours and shadows of the hills, the endless array of colours, and the ever-changing light. I study one area, not the entire vista, then reduce and abstract”.

His canvases radiate with the colour and energy that describe his vision. For him the process of painting is an exploration; “It’s a fabulous voyage of discovery that I want to share with everyone.”