Greek, 1938-2018
Antonis Apergis artwork

The fragmentation of the images of Antonis Apergis function like copulative links in a sentence. Derived from life experiences, memories, senses and observations regarding the ruins and the cross-cultural debris, these images arise to the forefront of the stage through the intertwining of the layers. In such instances, the spectator gets the impression of peeling back a wall, and discovering in the lower layers, images as they would be formed by decay or by the water of rain, whose drops are purifying the dust of the years and the longing of ancient performances.

Colours, tones and undertones rise towards the surface from the depth of time, decay and distance. Shines, tints and highlights come together in order to complement, interact and counter-define one another, creating a special atmosphere, a unique environment, a characteristic condition, through which the elusive forms of the past appear to be relating to the continuous and sometimes radical and unexpected changes that define the present.